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2008-02-15: Genericode is now an OASIS committee specification (CS). The following CS 1.0 documents are available from the OASIS web site (links to that site below):


W3C XML Schemas

What is 'genericode'?

Genericode started as a project to define a standard format for defining code lists (also known as enumerations or controlled vocabularies). Code lists occur throughout all parts of IT (information technology), but there isn't a single standard way to manage them. This means that each new standards effort creates its own new solution, and this has caused a balkanization of the management of code lists.

Genericode aims to provide the following:

This last point distinguishes genericode from solutions which provide no more than a static snapshot of the contents of a particular version of a code list. genericode not only provides a representation of the items in a code list, it also provides an audit trail for how that code list is related to previous versions of the code list, or to other code lists. This simplifies the effort of understanding how a new code list version differs from the previous version, and simplifies the effort in calculating the impact of the change on existing systems and processes.

Where are the details?

At present, the details of genericode are contained in the following. Further documentation will be listed here as it is produced.

Who is working on genericode?

The OASIS Code List Representation TC is now working on a standardised version of genericode. Committee Specification 1.0 of OASIS genericode includes the static representation parts of the original genericode proposal. A later version may add the parts relating to derivation of new code lists from existing code lists.

The OASIS Code List Representation TC also has an area on the OASIS Wiki, which includes a list of known implementations of genericode (including software).

Genericode is in use by:

and others.

What does it cost?

Nothing, it's free to use.

What if I have questions?

Contact if you have questions or comments.

Last updated: 16 February 2008

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